I always ask my couples to share their love story with me, it went like this “

We actually matched on Tinder. I wasn’t sure at the beginning, but Michael continued to message me every day being the gentleman that he is. I was then out one night at the Oxford in Bathurst, and i remember turning to my best friend and Maid of honor saying, ‘that’s the guy I’m talking to on tinder’. I then in a drunken state when up to him with liquid confidence and was shocked when he didn’t recognise me. I then tripped and fell over in front of everyone at the Ox. He then helped me. I was so embarrassed I just walked off without saying anything. I went and sat back down with my best friend who had witnessed everything and was laughing at this point. The night continued and I spotted Michael on the dance floor. I was so embarrassed from my fall that I was playing hard to get and ignoring him. Later on, that night after I’m sure a Maccas feed Jayne my best friend and i were discussing the nights activities when I remembered falling over, I turned to her and said, ‘omg he is very going to talk to me again how embarrassing’.
But when I woke that morning, I had a message from Michael asking how i was feeling after my fall.
We arranged to meet again the following weekend and this time it was Michael’s turn to embarrass himself. I picked him up from his work Christmas party before heading over to his place in Blayney. Whilst driving i saw Michael attempting to turn the air conditioner up but instead was using the volume knob. This happened multiple times before i had to put him out of his misery.
From that weekend on we hung out every weekend in Blayney every chance we got between Uni and work.
We both expressed from the beginning that this relationship felt different. About 3 weeks in Michael turned to me and said ‘I’m going to marry you one day’.
And here we are.”

There was just glorious, elegant, fun, romantic and personal. They also had the biggest storm I’ve ever witnessed at a wedding. We were in an open paddock in a clear marquee watching the lightning all around us, violent winds and the pop up bar + catering staff’s tents being blown away! What an experience I will never forget.

Thanks for having me savour your love story and this magical day.



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